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Global players need one global partner: 

The Allen Austin Group


Dr. Krüger Executives have entered a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Allen Austin, Texas, USA. These two top firms in retained executive search  are going to be one: Allen Austin Germany - an Allen Austin Company. Our global clients need a global partner.


Allen Austin is a Top 40 global management consulting firm specializing in retained executive search and leadership advisory, with more than thirty partners managing client engagements from offices in 20 cities in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and The Middle East. Allen Austin’s purpose to enhance the lives and effectiveness of our associates, clients and leaders of the world means you come first.

Since 1996, Allen Austin, has been dedicated to building lasting relationships and delivering real value to our clients. As a global leadership advisory and retained executive search firm, our mission is to provide fully integrated global executive search and leadership solutions that allow our clients to unleash the full potential of their organizations and deliver outstanding business results. Our fundamental commitment is to do the right thing, for our people, our clients and for the global communities in which we work.


Rob Andrews, CEO of Allen Austin: "Our clients rely on us as trusted advisors, to assist them in determining exactly who and what they are looking for, and why. As a leader in retained search services, we provide the optimal search strategy, fully transparent reporting, candor even when it is not convenient, due diligence at the highest levels, an unprecedented guarantee, and aftercare past the point of placement."

Our global Allen Austin locations are :

  • Houston Texas, USA – Headquarters
  • Cologne, Wenden/Köln, Germany
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Ibiza, Spain
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Mumbai, India

  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Washington
  • Atlanta
  • Detroit
  • Miami
  • San Antonio



The Association for Excellence in Retained Search and Leadership Consulting (AERSLC) is a new organization and the sole accrediting body for retained search and leadership consultants. Industry leaders who hold themselves to the highest standards in the world. AERSLC members practice retained search as it was intended, as a specialized form of management consulting, not as a transactional exercise of filling seats in a vacuum. 


Finding and retaining top leadership and board talent can be a strategic game changer. We understand that conducting a retained search which produces a great result and delivers sustained value requires more than sector experience and a cursory review of critical success factors within a client system. In an industry that hasn’t innovated in a hundred years, we’ve been in relentless pursuit of “doing it better” since our beginning.  We practice retained search as it was originally intended; as a specialized form of management consulting, not a transactional exercise of filling seats in a vacuum. Our proprietary Foresight™ process is an evidence-based search methodology designed to ensure the best possible match, resulting in 97% offer acceptance, 92% retention at the two-year mark, and significantly higher engagement levels. 



Global Players need one Partner: In Search of Excellence globally!




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